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Codicx, we develop creative products and services. We provide web and mobile app solutions. We transforms your business into the digital world.
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How We Work

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The first step is to get the information about your company, business or organization. We understand what your business do, what your target audience is and how can we approach them. This involves good understanding with your business. With good understanding and communication we get to know  in what ways we can bring target audience towards four business or organization. By getting information about your business we get enough information what steps will bring audience, what type design your business needs and what type content your product needs. 


We put together all the information we get and document all the requirements and needs regarding to your project. This involves all detailed documentation including initial steps, nature of products turn around time and cost. With all detailed document we discuss that document with client. And waits for an agreement. We adopt agile methodology which certainly means that client can demand changes with in timeframe.  


After all the discussion and agreement. We take our first step towards the development by building a rough design of the product,  website or mobile application, which we deliver to client.  If your are happy with the design or not. What more advance feature or design client needs. We discuss all these things with the clients while presenting the wireframe. 


This is where the real work begins. Now we have detailed information of what are client’s demands and what exactly they want so our team start developing that product, website or mobile application. During development we selects the best framework according to your project. During this process our team takes all necessary measures regarding to speed optimization, sensitive data, content and much more. 


Once the development is completed we start working testing that project. We perform unit, beta , security and stress testing. If the project passes all the testing module move towards our next step and if project fails in any of the testing, our team starts working on that fail test and resolves the issues. 


This is where we handover the project to their real owner. This is where deliver the desired project. After project passes all the test we deploy/deliver the project to the client. Looks for clients response weather they are satisfied or they still need revisions. As clients satisfaction is our first priority, we make sure that client is satisfied with our services. 

We hope that you like what you saw here,we would love to hear from you. Let’s meet for a coffee and a talk if you want to dive a little deeper into some of our thoughts, address some burning issues, or explore how we can support you strategically or creatively. We look forward to the future and hope that you do too.